Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Querying Process

Sighs. Well, I am in the middle of querying and it sucks. So far I've written two novels. One about witches, my baby, and the other about a girl who lost her parents and has to go live in a world of magic with her estranged aunt. And yet--none of these have been picked up. I'd be lying if I say I didn't have a dream agent, I do, and she's denied to work with me twice. I didn't even get a no, she just never responded. Bummer.

Don't you just hate those though? The ones that are left unanswered. Ugh.

Right now they are calling for diverse voices and books. Both of my books meet the criteria, however either my query letter sucks or I don't mention a big enough platform. I just keep getting the good ol "not for me."

I get it, what may work for me may not work for others, but damn not one request--ever? Can I get one please?

I have been tempted to just post both of my novels for free and be done with it. But they are so good that I strongly feel they deserve to be in publication--printed--in bookstores--among the best.

Why not? If I can't be a fan of my own work, then what would be the point.

Anyways, querying makes my teeth grind and it gives me a headache and yet--I haven't given up. I've revised and revised and revised over and over again, but no agent has offered to even read them.

I had two beta readers, both were amazing and offered genuine suggestions, but neither of them has asked about part two. I guess they are both working on their projects. One of them has an agent, and the other has gotten at least three requests for her manuscripts.

And here I am, all alone. Unloved in book world, and wondering if its all worth it.

Part of me says, not to give up. And another part of me says, post them for free and see what happens. But then I think about how I posted one of my horror books for free, and it didn't do well. I didn't post the entire book, but seven chapters should have been enough to make people request more. And don't get me started on a short story I written that got no sells whatsoever.

I even gave away that book for free to at least three people who I never heard from again. Damn do I suck or something?

But in all honesty, I am not good at promoting. So it really explains why they are both left untouched. But still. It does make me wander . . . am I good enough?

Vent over.


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