Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hold's Head Down in Shame

Remember that confession about querying from the other day? Well, two things, an agent sparked interest right afterwards, but she wasn't passionate enough to take it on. And two, the submission guidelines: yes, I messed up on them. A lot of them and boy am I shamed.

Some agents require just a query letter and some sample pages, while others require all of the above, in addition to a synopsis. My over thinking ass thought a synopsis was like a query, so I've only sent queries and NEVER a synopsis though agents I sent my query letter to, asked for that as well. Yes, completely dumb. Yes. I can't believe I have done that over and over again--ruining my chances and not following the rules.

Why did I think it was the same thing? Beats me,

So now, I hold down my head in countless shame and will be forever banished from querying again. Okay--over dramatic, but still. I messed up.

Well, at least now--it wasn't my writing. I was starting to think I was a bad writer. But nope, it was my stupid ass not following the process correctly. With that being said, I have to find another whole list of agents to submit too, but that's what I get, right! :)


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