Friday, October 7, 2016

Twitter's #DVpit

Amazing agent Beth Phelan from The Bent Agency created a new event on Twitter about a year or two ago named: #DVpit. Its main focus is to aim for diverse authors with their own voices to pitch  diverse books. The publishing industry is in a desperate need for change and I am all for it. Agents are all for it, and even successful authors have shown their support.
DVPit aka Diversity could be characters from many different nationalities or some with disabilities, etc. As well as authors of color, etc. And on Wednesday I participated in the young adult version; there were two, one for children's and YAs and the other for Adult novels which took place on Thursday.)

I was tempted to participate both days since I have a YA and a NA completed, and both of them being fantasies and . . . well, different. But I wasn't sure if NA would fit into the  Adult genre per say, and I am not really seeing a big call for NA at the moment. I am hoping to pitch that specific book to any agent I pick. Yes, I am speaking that into existance.

So the day before, I had this fantastic plan to work on my pitches--all afternoon and most of the evening. And at first I played around with a couple of lines, read them to hubby and son and we all agreed to the ones that sounded intriguing. I originally thought of five different pitches, but when two became so successful after posting, I pulled back on posting the rest of them.

It was exciting and great, but a tincy wincy a bit overwhelming with the amount of responses I had gotten: a retweet from an editor at Simon and Schuster and another retweet from successful author Valerie Tejeda, who is represented by agent Joanna Volpe from New Leaf Literary.

On to it.

My first pitch was:

Twisty old fairy tales turn Gothic: a teen girl learns that the bedtime stories she was told are far from being true.

This one got me seventeen likes in total since I posted it twice. It was systematic, hydromatic, why it was book lightening. Okay corny, but still. It was pure bliss.

My second pitch was:

Monsters don't live under Angelica's best: they live in the forest & if she goes too far in, she may never come back.

This one got me about four likes, but I only posted it once and it was early in the morning. And I was okay with that.

So that evening I celebrated, unwinded, and drank tons of coffee and wine. I mean I could have gone for tea, but I was just too hyped. My requests came from amazing agents, only two I have queried before and got a rejection, but the rest I never queried them, though, I was planning too.

The first thing I did yesterday was revamped my query, all of the agents wanted to have that included as well, and then I went back and made sure that my edits were still intact and I  then made a list of who requested, how many pages they wanted, etc. And last night sent off three and I plan on sending more by the end of the weekend.

All and all, the event was a success for me and I couldn't be more grateful. I am on way to landing an agent, I can feel it in my soul and I am ready to share with you all my world, my characters that live in my thoughts. Don't give up guys, if you're meant to be a writer: you will be.


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