Sunday, August 21, 2016

Starting a New Novel

So, I am starting a new novel. This will actually be novel number three, and I couldn't be more excited. Most of my stories come from visions, in dreams, at the park, etc. They just hit me, like the first time you had a crush on a boy or a girl, or like the time you tried the best pizza ever, or the love you get when you found an amazing TV show, movie, and all that sweet jazz.

Since we live near a bookstore, I plan on doing heavy research over the Fall. Reading old classics, finding affordable vacations to take photos, and just overall learn the history behind some genres. Right now, I am totally in love with New Adult. I think that the market should be more open to kids fresh out of college, in college, or pursing careers right after high school. They have stories, too. And it's worth being explored.

Most of the time, I write fantasy and have dibbled and dabbed in romance, but I love horror. Whether its horror films, books, shows, or amazing stories told over a camp fire. I just love horror, something spooky, something that keeps you up at night, and most of all . . . something Stephen King worthy.

My recent novel, the one I am going to start working on, will be about a town I created in the past. It's nothing magic whatsoever, but paranormal and old history with a touch of mystery (hey that rhymed) is totally my cup of coffee, tea, and wine. Lots of it, too. I tried posting small chapters about the town over on watt pad, but I suck at promotion, so it only got a couple of reads, and encouraging comments, so I can work with that.

I do plan on revisiting that particular book, since its all connected, but it's only a novella and it was simply for fun. This one, though, will be a novel. A full blown novel, told in a third person perspective. I plan on having multiple main characters, and a diverse cast of cliques. It should be fun, I will keep you all posted on the progress. Until then, check out Now You See Me 2, who knew that Daniel Radcliffe was the villain in that story. More on that later.


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    1. I totally agree with you, clean out of the college should technically open many doors. Keep writing, keep trying, and most importantly never give up. Patience and persistence is key. Thanks for stopping by.