Monday, June 6, 2016

Fantasy Novel's Not Selling Well

So the above title is true, according to Publisher's Weekly, there haven't been any good sells on fantasy books in a really long time. *Looks at collection and wonders why*

The question is, where does that leave us fantasy writers looking for representation? Well, we could just stop writing fantasy and jump to what's selling right? But what good would that do, you're nine times out of ten going to rush and at this age in time, it's really hard to be completely original. Yeah, seriously it is.

Then comes another question, should we just wait until it starts selling again? But what good would that do? An idea, is an idea. And when it's  ready to bounce from our minds and onto our keyboards, notepads, journals, etc--there is no stopping our imagination. For now, I will continue to write what I am good at. I am a good story teller when it comes to fantasy. However, I admit, I do want to dip into an all romance novel someday and possibly some really exciting Goonie MG adventure with no magic and all just a mystery, but for now: YA/NA magic, talking objects, huge insects, and retelling is where my heart wants to be. It lives there. It breathes there. And I can't help it.

Now, if I could just convince an agent to see my talent.


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