Sunday, June 12, 2016

Has Job Hunting Become Too Much Paperwork?

When my dad got out of an unfortunate situation, he went out job hunting. At first, he didn't talk about it much, he just said he applied where he could and kept it moving. Well, after several week's of him still asking us for money and all of us noticing that he didn't find a job yet--the truth finally came out.

He said, and I quote: Too much paperwork!

I thought he was being ridiculous. I couldn't even believe he said that at the time. I was totally applaud. Here was a guy that hadn't worked in over eight years and now instead of doing the required paperwork needed to find a job: he was complaining about the new job economy having too much paperwork. And I was highly offended and called him lazy.

Fast forward four and half years later.

Now, after working for a company that never uses my talents, but also leaves me out e-mails, decision making, and passes me the same  too much work over and over again like a broken record that's playing the worse song ever. I find myself looking for something else. After all, I have degrees, experience, and certificates to finally ask for not only more money, but work for a company where I can apply my proven skills and abilities.

However, I admit: some jobs are an easy apply. You just upload your resume and cover letter and that's all there is to that. But then, you have at least 75 percent, not only have you add your resume and cover letter, but now at least countless pages of questions and other stuff I can't even process my brain around. And now, god rest his soul, I have to agree with my dad, way too much paperwork!

My thing is this, time is money. These jobs that are asking grown adults to fill out long questionnaire after questionnaire and questionnaire is ridiculous to me. For one, you aren't paying us for our time, and for two--who actually gets hired from jobs that have long questionnaires? Anyone? Exactly. I agree with my dad now, its just too much paperwork! And it needs to stop. All you need is two things, a resume and a cover letter. All the questions you have, are in both.


  1. I agree - too much paperwork! A good resume will include anything that a (intelligent) questionnaire would have. But in addition, after a company weeds out the resumes that don't fit, the one-on-one interviews are what matter. A silly questionnaire won't truly tell you what a person is like, it's the interview that will. Too much paperwork, not enough face-to-face!

    Marlon Stevens @ Invero Group

    1. Exactly. It's becoming too much, and not to mention it takes several minutes to complete a questionnaire. I agree with you when you said, 'not enough face-to-face.' What has happened in the job market world?!