Friday, September 9, 2016

Great News!

Yesterday was perfect. No seriously, I know nothing is perfect, but yesterday was indeed perfect. I was on my way to Twitter to participate in the #PitMad event and right before heading there, I decided to check my email and boy was I surprised. Like super surprised. Read on!

I got my very first partial request from an amazing agent at a really popular literary agency. I don't want to give out any names just yet, but he sounded highly interested and even asked me to be patient with him as he sorts through more partials and full requests. Which is totally okay with me.


Panting again.

Okay, so I went back and read the first fifty pages of my book, that's what he wanted, and quickly made some minor adjustments.

Mind you, I moved on from this book a few weeks ago and went back to my witch novel. I figured since I started querying this particular novel in February 2016 and haven't gotten any requests whatsoever that it was safe to put it aside. . . well, for now. But yesterday proved me wrong, the book is alive and wants to break free and right now at this very moment, it's being read by agents.

Yes, agents with an S, I am not done.

So, after I sent him the partial, I went ahead and went straight to Twitter. My first #PitMad got nothing, but okay. Fine. I got offline, watched hubby cook dinner, and then came back four hours later and tried another pitch and logged off immediately and went to bed.

The first thing I do when I wake up each morning is to check my emails. and Twitter sent me a notification that another amazing agent favorited my #PitMad tweet late last night (widening my grin)

Between me and you, technically I was too late for the last tweet, and I thought I blew my chances, but nope. Got another partial request, this time, the first three chapters. Yay. High Five. Let's go eat ice cream and talk about how fantastic the last episode of PLL was, ha.

My advice right now, keep plugging in, keep trying, do not give up. Someone will tell us YES and we can all look back and see that all that worrying we did over query's, etc was not necessary. Patience is the key, two people have finally taken pity on me lol. Now . . . lets hope I get an agent.


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